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In order to find the right job candidates each and every different type of the recruiters need to have a well-planned strategy and thought through every situation they may face.

When it comes to putting your candidate search together you need to understand that the search never stops. Finding job candidates has changed significantly from years ago where we could just post a job on the notice board and candidates would come piling in, resume in hand. In order to find the perfect job candidates, you need to have a strong employer brand strategy in order to attract the best applicants for the best spots available and weed out the lower-tier candidates.

Here are 8 steps that will help you to find the best job candidates and fill that empty position:

Know what you want in a potential candidate/teammate

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If you don’t have an idea of what your best candidate is then you won’t be able to find anyone who can meet those expectations or fill that void. Knowing what skills, you want them to have, their characteristics and their motivation to complete the tasks which are involved with the position are important. Create an idea of the perfect employee, set yourself some expectations so you and the other interviewers know which applicants and interviewees are a good fit for your business and the position itself.

Engaging with employees

You can use your current employees to help you understand what keeps them working at your firm, agency or factory and why they like it and continue to work for and with you. This can aid you in knowing what is attracting your employees and what they see as a benefit from your business. Employees are good ambassadors that potential candidates trust. Sometimes, you might find yourself being very keen and interested in a particular applicant and they may be receiving other job offers, so using this tactic can help you get an edge on your competition. Involving employees isn’t just going to build you a strong employer brand strategy but it will help your employees feel important and add just another benefit on top of the growing list of working for your company.

Have clear job descriptions

Ensure you are writing a detailed job description that is clear. This ensures you don’t just get every single available person applying who really isn’t a great fit at all for the job advertised. Outline the duties, requirements and all of the responsibilities that come along with the position. Ensure you point out the employee value proposition and the company’s culture. An example of having a clear job description would be making sure the actual type of work is listed in the job title, stating something like; ‘seeking full time nanny’ instead of simply stating that you are looking for an experienced nanny makes a lot of difference. It implies you are looking for someone available 9-5 each week and not just someone with an extensive history within your industry.

Optimize your site

Making your site function the best way possible is something you should put a heavy focus on even before advertising for open positions at your workplace. Having detailed pages that provide information on the services you provide may even lure potential employees before you advertise for a position. You may work in a very specific or niche style of work, so having pages that narrow the focus will draw only those who have a passion for your work. Try creating pages for your services with titles such as snooker table restoration or something slightly different like snooker table repairs could lure in some seriously passionate people who may be the ideal candidate for your unique business.

Career site optimisation is important and needs to be one of the first things that you do in order to find the best candidates quick. The people who are arriving at your site are the ones that are already interested in you, ensure they apply for the position before they leave the site. Add fun videos and introduce the team and give out some exciting information that shows what project you are currently working on and how they can get easily involved in it!

Recruiting software is a great tool for resource

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We now have access to sourcing tools that can help you to find the best candidate and add them directly to your pile of resumes on your desk. You can manual search, but this is time consuming and inefficient. If you are using a sourcing tool the process of finding the candidates is productive and quick. The tool matches company culture and position, along with experience and relevant skills. Investing in software can pay dividends for both you and your company.

Applicant tracking set-up

The main purpose of one of these is to streamline the hiring process and make it faster. By fastening the selection process, it can help to improve the experience of the candidate and increase the hire rate for those hard to fill vacancies. The top talent stays within the market for round 10 days so ensure that you get a move on and find the job candidate that suits you.

Using employee referrals programs

The best employees are known to be the referrals. They can improve time quality of hire, cost and can make the hiring process more productive. Many companies don’t have the developed strategies in order to find the good candidates just by using the referral programs. It is a great way to find job candidates just by developing strategies by using the current employees.

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