We all have those employees who can be given two hours of work, yet it seems to take them over twenty-four hours to get it done. Did you know there are strategies that you can use to speed up employees? Not only will you get a faster working employee, but you may also get some better-quality work from them to.

Understand why your employees are slow

Don’t assume and don’t complain your employees are slow. Talk to them and let them know you have seen a drop in their working speed and your wondering what is wrong. They may simply be getting caught up in the details too much that they want to be perfect, but it doesn’t matter to you at all. Some employees are happy for you to ask them, it makes them feel important as you have noticed something is wrong. Knowing the cause is the only way to determine the solution.

Team up 

Look at your approach, you need to remember you are on the same side as your employees. Don’t bitch behind their backs about their slow work, don’t point the finger and complain how bad of a job they are doing. Team up and discuss what can be done to improve their situation and asked how you can help them you are their boss not their enemy.
Some employees feel overwhelmed when you give them the whole days work at once. It can benefit some to give them one job at a time, when that one is finished give them another. The real estate industry gives agents the areas close to their location and distribute it amongst various agents to improve efficiency. 

Give clear deadlines 

There will be some tasks that are more important than the rest but sometimes this can be unclear to many different employees. When you hand out the days work ensure your employees know which ones to make a priority and which one are not important if they are done late. It can help to give them a list with what is a priority and what isn’t. If employees don’t know what is more important, they can be spending time of the least important. For example, in the real estate industry, where considerable amounts of online property of sales are involved, it needs to be ensured that their target and deadline per day is explained and stated clearly on a documented source. How can you expect results when there are no targets to measure them against?

Get rid of distractions.                                        

If employees are feeling overwhelmed, they won’t be getting much of anything done. Find ways to streamline the employees who have a few problems and take a look at their surroundings to give them the chance to get things done. At times we can all get distracted by things. Is there something that is continually distracting that particular employee? If so, work on removing that distraction to help them work better. 

Give feedback

Feedback can be very encouraging. When an employee has done a job give them some positive feedback to help keep them motivated. If employees think you are impressed with their work, they will continue on this path. If they think you are unhappy and hate their work that is not going to be a motivator now is it. Reward their progress and try to keep your tone with them positive. If constructive criticism needs to be given at least throw in some positive feedback as well.

It is also important to initiate an incentives program in your company. This can serve better towards a positive motivation for employees and help increase the expected productivity from their end. For example again, in the real estate business, the individual maybe a low commission real estate agent facing the consumer. Does not mean the commission he gets from the company per sale is less as well. That is a demotivation for the agent and he may not perform desirably. 
Address the problem that is affecting your slow employees and a professional but friendly fashion that will model a positive approach to getting things done in the workplace.

Don’t get lost in wanting perfection. Stick to having normal, reality-stricken expectations so your employees can understand their contributions adds value to the business.

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