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The world is a digital space where people can connect and build relationships from one end of the polar region to the other. Usually, building relationships involve commitment, trust, and ideas. Here are ways to build relationships you can trust through networking platforms like LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Focus on a Trustworthy Relationship

Networking is a relationship-building approach that helps to expand your contact base, business support, and personal goals. Individuals can build trustworthy relationships by meeting and understanding people, but it doesn’t happen like magic. Instead, nurturing sustainable personal and professional relationships demands honesty and sincerity of purpose if it hopes to last. However, networking platforms are opportunities for strategising and forming successful socioeconomic goals that involve trust and interest.

Introduce, and Follow Up

Most business relationships are developed through online networking websites and require you to reach out to your potential connects. The first step is to send a short introductory pitch. Once an introduction has been made, your potential connect might not respond readily. Some people could think it’s reasonable to assess the profile of strangers before connecting with others. You might have met your contact by sharing a drink or ideas. However, everyone’s memory might not be sharp to remember. So, make sure you obtain your contact’s information during the first meeting, and re-introduce yourself after that.

To stay connected involves following-up with your clients to build a rewarding relationship. After obtaining their personal and contact details, in the future, they might see you as a stranger with their vital information if you don’t follow-up. Also, you should check on your contacts from time to time if your goal is to forge business deals. Just say hello, inquire how they are doing, and remind them you are yet to get their approval for collaboration or business meeting.

See Relationships as Friendships and Not Mere Networking

People make the mistake of focusing on 9 am to 5 pm networking instead of developing longer-lasting relationships. People will never forget how your actions made them feel if they ever forget what you said or did. Many individuals have built relationships with clients or friends during their 35 years career. Without trust and sincerity of purpose, it would have been difficult to overcome the ups and downs while building these relationships. Most times people network because of what they stand to benefit. On the contrary, a purposeful relationship creates opportunities to exchange value and build mutual trust.

Get Fresh Ideas

Usually, networking for business gains requires the exchange of ideas. It helps your contact see you as an innovative thinker that deserves much respect. In the absence of new perspectives and ideas, it’s only fair that you should give your contacts some space. It might backfire when you contact them too often without having useful information on business ideas, experiences, goals, and solutions to challenges. It’s unprofessional to rub shoulders with your network without adding value to their businesses. Time is money, instead of stalking, and disturbing them with unsolicited emails, build your reputation by generating helpful ideas. Even while building an informal relationship with strangers, they might find it offensive when you express excessive familiarity.

Collaboration through Networking

You can have a mutual friend with a stranger or potential connect. Networking platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook allow users to see the link between them and potential connects. However, the LinkedIn website is an exclusive business platform that connects people who are ready to collaborate and grow their network base. Also, they can exchange knowledge, and stay abreast with the latest industry trend.

Individuals can collaborate instead of competing or stealing the intellectual property of interconnected contacts. Global entrepreneurs can succeed by collaborating and investing in each other’s companies.

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