Health encompasses all aspects. Beyond the services offered in a professional medical office, public or private, there have emerged businesses that revolve around this industry and that aim to heal and provide healing to people not only physically, but also mentally.

The good news for entrepreneurs is that they can join this industry, even if they do not have knowledge or a professional certificate/qualification – the important thing is to have an attitude for customer service. If you are interested, we will share some business opportunities below.

First of all, it is necessary to define the areas of medicine on which the hospital will focus. For example, if I want to specify in four major areas, with emphasis on surgical patients, being them: cardiovascular; general/abdominal surgery; traumatology and orthopaedics; and oncology. And that is it, we have already defined the fundamental piece!

From this decision, it is suggested to define the following things:

How should the medical corps, the cornerstone for the success of this business, be organized in such a way that the hospital is profitable? Begin by designing the hospital’s medical master plan, also known as core business. Starting from the four major areas of medicine, describe and give details of the composition of the services and their specific activities. The more detailed this description is, the more correct the location will be of the doctors in each service, i.e. the exact size of the workforce needed for the operation of the plan. Also facilitate the location of all other professionals who are part of what is called care activities, but not only of these, but also of those with operational and administrative functions. Basically, you need to make sure you have the proper equipment for the proper services within your facility. You may need to look into medical equipment rental to see the best option for your productivity.

The conformation of the business plan on the basis of the first stage will be as efficient as the definition of the core business, and its entire base originates from the master plan of attention. If the decision is to attend all the medical services agreements, it is possible to introduce a new form of relationship with the operators of pre-paid medicine, using the remuneration for procedures, which would bring a very strong added value, contributing to the elimination of bureaucratic costs and unnecessary control that the market currently sees. Surely, this will be an important ingredient for the answer to the initial questions, besides providing a more calm and transparent relationship between the hospital and the operating client.

The governance of the hospital on the basis of the business designed by areas of medicine will be executed objectively, once the products are previously defined and described, and thus the actors and co-assistants involved will have the exact magnitude of what they represent and will know what will be the necessary behaviours to achieve the results expected by the board of directors.

Certainly, the hospital with 250 beds acting with an average occupancy of 85% has great probabilities of being more profitable than another with smaller or larger bed capacity. For every hospital patient there will need to be a hospital mattress, be realistic in your capacity management. However, its best performance will not be due to size and occupancy, but rather to the correctness of the decisions that will result in the modelling of the business.

And in case you are wondering: Is this going to be just a dream?

It does not have to be like that at all! This is the ideal path for a new venture… and yes, it may be difficult at first, but by talking to the right people, having motivation and desire to succeed, you can go very far and accomplish whatever you want. The medical industry is everlasting and continuing to grow, if you are seeking work that will never run out, a hospital is your best option.

The first step is the most difficult – see for yourself and go as far as you always dreamed!

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