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One of the most important things about running a museum is the location. We promote our exhibition showcase as something that can be considered an area of play for children or an environment of learning for both children and adults. You could turn a sitting area into a place for cards that have been hand made that are very artistic as well as cards that take a focus on education. Ensure you remind the visitors that places like this exist so they can be sure to check it out and experience a variety of different things within your museum.


Ensure you have a display stand at the front of your building to offer local businesses the chance to advertise and grow within their own endeavors. Sometimes having posters up for those seeking apprenticeship pathways or something as far off from a museum like IT skills training can bring in a whole new variety of audience. Advertising can be something as simple as networking with other business owners at professionally organised events or even just having a conversation with someone along the street, don’t limit your advertising and you will be able to grow your business and museum in many different ways.

Talking to the customers

Check the statistics of people coming into your museum or the revenue it is creating, and it will tell you everything you need to know. It is important to know who your customers are, where they come from and how their experience of your museum was. Online surveys work well and it is amazing how much you can learn about your business just by talking to the customers that come in and getting feedback as social proof or testimonials for future potential audience members.

New designs

New designs are great however they need to fit the feel and current style of your museum display. Your pricing is also important and the absolute both maximum and minimum you are willing to spend on a new display or addition. Availability and lead times are important as you must be able to ensure that orders can be fulfilled within a decent timescale. Make sure you are aware of how long the development of this feature or design may be. You don’t want to start the advertising and listing of this amazing new addition without having it actually ready or at least an estimated date.

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Taking the shop out of the box

Take your museum to the people, attend night markets or local talent shows and bring an exhibition with you. Showing the adaptability of your museum as well as the amazing attractions you host will grab the attention of your potential cliental as well as show your versatility as a business person.

Social media

Social media is where to find both people and businesses these days. Sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all good ways to advertise as well as reach a wide variety of people. Having social media presence is now one of the best ways that you can gain both attraction and attention. If your museum sells items, then consider setting up a site where you sell and advertise the exclusive items and list any special discounts or deals that can be provided.

Know the customer

The key question for a museum is who are the customers? and what are they coming to see? Market research can help your museum understand how many school groups visit, older adults, families and younger teens. Your museum needs to be entirely relevant and on top of the market. Museums need shops and trinkets that people can buy as they look for these items when they are not local and wish to take something back to remember their visit. Get miniature versions of artwork and sell as keyrings for example and postcards work well to. Implementing a gift shop will allow for your visitors to take a part of your museum back home, which by extension works as a form of advertising for your business.

The service

You need to have knowledge on the items and displays in your museum. You will get people who visit that wish to ask questions about items in the museum, so you need to be educated enough to answer the kind of tough questions and give a bit of back story for those who don’t know what they are looking at. Leave a lasting impression and remember to smile. You want to leave a positive imprint so they will return with friends and family.

Lasting Impressions for you

Running your museum like a business is one of the most underrated and important things when attempting to succeed in this industry. At the end of the day, your museum is a business, so treating it like one will ensure you have the best chance to succeed. Aim to educate and allow for visitors to feel involved and your museum will reach even the highest of goals.

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