There is a huge importance when it comes to creating a working resume and one that is well-written and an accurate representation of all of the positives of your professional self. Your resume is the way you advertise yourself, it is how you represent yourself and explain why you are the top and most suited candidate for a certain job.

Creating a resume is not just completing a piece of paper with words on it about how great you are and how you are the best person for the position, they are more than that. A resume keeps on evolving as time goes on. During your career, you will make changes to your resume to keep on improving it as you move along in your career and life, gain more skills, start a new job or even potentially starting your own business eventually.

Impressing in 10 Seconds

10 seconds doesn’t seem long at all does it? Did you know it takes roughly an employer 10 seconds to skim over your resume, your references and the cover letter you took all of that time to prepare? This is where they decide if you get an interview or your resume gets thrown away with the trash. It’s really make or break and this leads into your first impression with your future potential employer, co-worker or team.

Basically, this means you have 10 seconds to give an employer their first impression on paper. When we attempt to get into the process of buying a home, we seek advice from a mortgage broker and an investment banker when we have some serious numbers of funds to invest, this is to ensure we make the right decision. It can be a mistake to make decisions in a field you know nothing about.

Professional Resume Writer

There are many benefits to getting a professional write up done on your working resume. professional resume writers are those who understand the importance of a working resume and knows the best way on how to address the key selection are of a variety of particular roles. There is one thing people neglect and it is how well their working resume is written or formulated. More time seems to be spent on what they put into the resume while that is important, even more so is the style, font, and the language, or tone of voice you decide to speak in.

There are a couple of questions you should ask yourself.

Is your resume written in a tone that shows leadership for a management role?

Does your resume have a caring tone to it for that nursing job you are applying for?

You need to ensure you address each part of the key selection criteria for the certain role that you are going for. Don’t use the same resume for every job like the plain old cookie cutter for every single cookie to be the same. Each job is different and not every job expects the same experience or level of skills. Modify your resume to match the job. If you are considering to put yourself out there for a job as a nurse in the area of aged care, you don’t need to include the water tank installation course you did, or the experience you have working in a factory building slimline tanks. Make sure your experience is relevant, there is no point in including a history of irrelevant prior work.

The longer the resume the more likely it will be thrown out and a waste of your time and effort. Employers don’t want to read about every single course, challenge or work experience you have done if it has nothing to do with the job you are applying for. Keep it short, sweet and simple and you will have a better chance of landing that dream position or getting your way into the ideal situation.

When you are creating a working resume, it needs to be factually correct, include dates, job titles, education and skills relevant to that job. Don’t write casually on this or try and have a conversation. This document is not a catch-up letter to a friend or a long-lost lover. You need to be short, concise and straight to the point.

Check your cover letter and resume for grammar and spelling mistakes, and ensure you have the right tone of voice for the job and the business.

Don’t use fancy fonts that can be hard to read and seem to run all over the page using a basic font with black ink only. Fancy fonts and colouring will simply get your resume disregarded.

Each of the tips outlined throughout this post will give you the best opportunity possible in proving yourself to be the best candidate for that dream position. Presenting yourself in a smart, simple and smooth way in the form of a resume will get you into the industry you want to be in, whether that is something you are passionate about such as alternating therapy for the elderly who have been injured or you wish to manage a brand-new supermarket chain. Whatever the case, your resume needs to be reflective of your best professional self.

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