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Australia’s retail industry employs over 1.2 million workers nationwide. Important skills are needed in communication, customer service teamwork, business skills and interpersonal skills, having these skills will help you to succeed as a professional within this industry. There are more businesses that are supporting further education of their employees and are helping you pay for that extra education to further yourself in the business of retail.

When it comes to retail as it is a customer facing job you need to have outstanding service attributes. You need to have the ability to face challenges that sometimes may be quite time-sensitive and solve them. The man roles of jobs within any retail business are category management, digital e-commerce, consumer insights, management rolls.

Technology experts

Technology is growing from mobile apps, click to buy, shopping apps, virtual reality, push notifications and social media. Technology is here to stay, and these innovations seem to be raising the expectations of the consumers by influencing the way they purchase products and invest in other potential products. Are you close to the brands mobile strategy? Do you know how to have in-store knowledge to communicate with customers via mobile devices which will put you above the competition? With over 2.2 million apps that are found in the app store alone within the retail sector you need to be the best retailer with the best shopping experience. Learn to built communication skills to combine with the technology you may have an expertise in.

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Architecture knowledge

Your business may have adopted a complete end to end sales experience or it could still be focused on an instore/online strategy. There are mixed opinions on whether omni-channel marketing and where their future stands but without a doubt there is importance in knowing how to combine the online and offline experiences of the customers shopping is essential.

Pop Culture

Pop culture is a huge part of retail. If you work in a clothing store you may see a new wave of popularity influencing the products that are shipping in and out of your clothing store. An example of pop culture and retail is basketball related products. Often times, you can see big brand shoe companies using trending topics to blend their sneaker releases and designs with. If a huge TV series has just aired its final episode, keep an eye on the nike release calendar for their infused sneakers, just so you can see the importance of pop culture and retail.

Data analytics

It may sound horrible when thinking about advancing the retail career you have through data however if you know the great sales from the average just by cashing off at the end of working day and knowing all about your social media and website data can be powerful in your business decisions of the future. You can take advantage of the free analytics tools that can be used in social media and marketing programs in order to find the right consumer insights for your particular business. Do the online learning modules so you are more informed of a customer’s shopping experience.


If you are particularly skilled with your hands and have the amazing talent of building things, then there is definitely a place for you within the retail industry. Each day, a new retail store is looking for a unique design to bring into the aisles of their store. You may be hired to fix up already existing or design brand new metal display stands for a large company. But retail stores need more than just product displays for a successful business. The customer’s experience needs to be taken into consideration when designing the initial format and layout of a new retail store. Make sure each aisle allows for free-flowing movements for customers of all needs. There is also a marketing approach that needs to be taken into consideration when designing a store. You may want to place the most popular items at the back of the store which will make customers walk through the store to reach their desired product, meaning that they could see a variety of other items on the way and potentially purchase more.

Operational and financial skills

Your dedicated service and product knowledge will only get you to a certain point in the retail market. Other industries bring to the table their operation and financial skills and their essential sales Orientals that can show a broader understanding of the business environment and the impact of experience on the profits. This will prove that you have capability in the higher retail roles and that you can step up to a state role and even further to a national management role. Think ahead and identify the gaps and opportunities that can help to expand your retail career and upgrade your product expertise. Remember not to sell yourself short.

Fact is you need to work at it hard to get exactly where you want in the retail sector. The retail world is expanding always and has a never-ending cycle of competition.

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