Creating a break room for employees might require ideas and a process of designing the workplace. There should be no limit in ensuring a productive workforce. When employees have a decent place to relax or have some fun, their job satisfaction will increase. Here are the things you’ll need to put in place if you are given the task to organise a break room.

Create a Relaxing Environment

When designing or redesigning a break room, consider all the features that can make a relaxing atmosphere. The first step is to ask employees for ideas like paint colours, window positions, light fixtures, and other valuable suggestions. Don’t forget that a break room is a place to think or relax for a few minutes before getting busy with work. Any break room that looks like the regular office space can’t be an exciting environment for employees. Employees would prefer to take a break in a room that overlooks out to a calming view. A widespread window arrangement is recommended for the same which needs to be kept clean from time to time with outsourced slab scissors services

Create Wall Decoration

The break room is an interesting place where aesthetics triggers feel-good hormones. Ensure you decorate the walls with stimulating colour patterns. Allow wall arts, and furniture in the break room aligns with office decorations. It should be consistent if you choose to personalise the space, but don’t create white walls with a poster hanging in the middle. Instead, you can hang a bulletin board on the wall with motivational posters. 

Create a Secluded Break Room 

The break room shouldn’t look like an extension of the rest of your office. It’s important to separate the break room if you have an open office floor plan. By altering the layout of the general office space, the break room could appear to be in a different building. A change in scenery will likely cause employees to feel a disconnect from their regular workspace. When employees bring a sense of teamwork into office break rooms, it could distract those who are relaxing and having fun. Additionally, consider the alternatives of fire exit plans for the break room in terms of workers either exiting safely, or having an outdoor space which can be accessible by slab cranes during emergencies.

Add Gadgets

Organising and cleaning the break room can prepare the space for all fun activities. Add new features like a TV, video and board games; entertainment gadgets and ceiling speakers that can enhance employees’ mood during celebrations.

Add Must-Haves

Most people see the break room as a place to sit down and eat a meal. So, a coffee maker, microwave, dishwasher, cutlery rack, tables, vending machines, and mini-fridge are must-haves in the break room. In the real sense, it’s a space where employees can enjoy their lunch breaks and discuss with one another. Naturally, it promotes team bonding and interpersonal connections when employees relax and hold friendly conversations.

Offer Free Coffee

Break rooms with full-service programs for free coffee have become very popular among many organisations. These offices see free coffee as a staple, and at no cost to their business. Drinking coffee is a great way to release caffeine, stimulate the brain, boost attention span, and improves focus. So, investing in a break room’s coffee maker, stirrers, cream, and cups can make a productive workforce.

Comfortable Furniture

Make arrangements for comfortable seats in the break room. Avoid the use of stiff wooden chairs that cause backaches. Usually, comfortable furniture is not cost-effective, but they make successful break rooms. Alternatively, the management can redesign old furniture, and make employees feel relaxed.

Create a Large Space for Social Gatherings

Celebrations of company goals, birthdays, and milestone achievements are part of workplace events. There might be a need for a social gathering when work closes. Every modern office should have a place to celebrate special moments in break rooms. So, make the break room to be large enough for parties even when it can accommodate a few people at a time. However, it should be a great place for teams to converge and celebrate events.

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